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Post  The Duke on Sun Sep 19, 2010 12:49 pm

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Part One: Creating an Account
The first step in getting started on Phantom Vipers is creating an account. To create an account first you need to select the button that says Register at the top of the Index page of the site.
You will be prompted with a terms & conditions post which you should read and if you accept then click the button that says "I agree to these terms". You must accept the terms in order to register with the site.
The next page will be your registration page. The first thing you need is a username. Your username needs to be between 5 & 25 characters long and should be fairly unique. It does not need to be Star Wars themed unless you want it to be.
The following are not allowed:
- Full names of Star Wars characters
- Any words that would typically be considered vulgar or offensive
- Illegible or names with any numbers in
The next question asks for your e-mail address. Be sure to use an address that you regularly check as all private messages and notices will be sent to this address.
The next question asks you to create a password. Your password must be from 6 to 15 characters in length. Your password can be anything you want.
The next option is for you to set your time-zone so that the times on the forum match your own time-zone.
The last question asks you to confirm your identity as a human by completing a confirmation code.
Once you have submitted all of this your account will be created assuming you followed all of the above instructions.
Part Two: Logging In
If you have created an account then you will be able to log into the site and participate as a registered users. Registered users have greater access to the material on the site than guests.
In order to log into the site you need to click the login button at the top of the index page. This will take you to another page which will ask for your username and password.
If you have forgotten your password click the button "I forgot my password" and it will be e-mailed to the e-mail address you provided when you registered.
You also have two others options on this page as you log in. You can have the computer automatically log you in each time you access the page. This can be helpful in making the site more accessible for you but is not recommended for users accessing the site from a public computer.
The second option is to hide your online status for this session. This will prevent other basic users from seeing that you are online but still grant you full access to the site.
Once you have entered your information and selected any additional options, click "Login" and you will receive a message stating you have successfully logged in and then you will be redirected to the Index page.
Part Three: User Profiles
Each user has a user profile that they can access by clicking on the User Control Panel at the top of the page.
This will display your profile information in editable format. You can enter a lot of information here none of which is required but can be helpful in getting to know other users and letting them get to know you.
Part Four: Avatars
Each user has the ability to add an avatar to their profile as a display image that will appear with every post they make by default. These images can be uploaded to the site or linked from another site. The administration would ask that whenever possible you link the image from another site in order to decrease strain on the servers. Please use smaller images in order to avoid distorting features of the site. It is recommended that your image not exceed 100x100 pixels.
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