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Post  The Duke on Sun Sep 19, 2010 12:50 pm

The role-plays on Phantom Vipers cannot begin to tell the entire story of your character, or NPC’s. Whether it be back-story or filling in the gaps in between role-plays there are other stories that many of you may wish to tell.
Through the Personal Stories feature you can do just that. In each character's forum there is a sub-forum entitled Personal Stories. Enter that forum and create a new topic. Give your story a title and include that as the title of the topic as well as adding the dates included in the story (Follow the SW Combine calendar).
Your story can be any length and be on any topic concerning your character. As a courtesy please make a note in the topic heading if your story contains mature content so that your younger and/or more conservative readers have the opportunity to avoid them (generally it is expected that you keep it PG).

A few notes about the content of your stories. They should tell a story that tells the audience something interesting about your character. Whether this is a pivotal moment from your character's past or simply a story about travelling from one planet to another. Personal Stories can serve a great purpose in helping other players and administrators better understand your character as well as entertaining us all.
Your character will receive experience points for every Personal Story you write, RP you are involved in. The number of points is determined by the member of the administration team that reviews it. The stories are scored in four areas: Grammar/Spelling, Entertainment Value, Use of Skills, Significance of Events. In order to maximize your XP awards you should try to encompass all of these areas in your stories. However these XP points can not be transferred over to SW Combine, they are in house points for benefit’s and bonuses on this site.

One important note, Personal Stories are optional. There is no requirement that you write them but we do recommend that you take advantage of this feature during your time here for all the reasons described above.
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