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Post  The Duke on Sun Sep 19, 2010 1:03 pm

How to Sign Up for a Roleplay:
Before signing up for a Roleplay, you must first create a character (see Character Sheets and Upkeep in this forum). Once you have created a character, browse through the current roleplays. Once you have selected a roleplay, there will be a topic titled Sign Up. Go into the sign up and post a reply.

Your sign up post should contain the following information:
Handle (Name of Character):
Character Faction:
Character Class:
Inventory on Person: (List what is in each slot)
Droids (If any):
Inventory on/in Droids:
Ship (if any):
Inventory on ship:
It is important that when you are listing your inventory when signing up for a role-play, that you state which items are stored where. Inventory on Person, you must state which item is in which slot, if wearing a utility belt then state which items are stored in it. Which items are stored in your backpack and so on.
For example your post may look like this:
Inventory on Person:
Head: Helmet
Body: Armour
Back: Backpack
Backpack: 5x Knives, 1x Sensor Pack
Right Hand: {Empty}
Left Hand: {Empty}
Waist: Utility Belt
Utility Belt/holster: 3x Thermal Detonator, 2x Power Packs, DH-17 Blaster Pistol.
You are now ready to participate in the role-play. Sign Up will stay open at the Game Master discretion.

*Note: not all role-plays are open to all characters. It will tell you in the sign up if it is restricted to players of certain factions/players. Also, a character can only be in one role-play at a time. You as a player may participate in other role-plays with None Playing Characters that you own, or have created.
Inventory rules; Carrying Capacity
As with any being in real life, there is a limit to how much they can carry. The carrying capacity is intended to define that amount based off of a character’s strength.
The other factor in carrying capacity is that you can only have so many places to carry things. Each character presumably has (at least) two hands to carry things. Some items are worn and you can only equip so many items to a part of your character’s body. For instance your character can only wear one set of armour at a time or one hat. There are also items that provide you with additional carry slots such as holsters, backpacks and belts.
As a record each main post must state where and item is on your character:
Head: {Empty}
Body: Armour
Back: Backpack
Backpack: 5x Knives, 1x Sensor Pack
Right Hand: {Empty}
Left Hand: Helmet
Waist: Utility Belt
Utility Belt/holster: 3x Thermal Detonator, 2x Power Packs, DH-17 Blaster Pistol
Using items during role-play
What are you supposed to do with all that inventory once you get involved in a role-play? Simply put, use it.
When you sign up for a role-play you will be asked to disclose any and all items your character will be carrying when the role-play begins. If you intend to bring a ship or droid then you will need to disclose what is stored in those entities as well. If you don't disclose an item in your sign up post then you won't have the item in the role-play.
There also may be opportunities for your character to pick up items during the course of the role-play. These items will typically be limited to equipment and weapons but may sometimes include ships or droids. If your character acquires an item during role-play then your character will immediately be able to use that item.
Once in the role-play you may find a need for your items. If you need to travel somewhere, you will have the ability to access any vehicles or starships that you disclosed in your sign up post. This is done by simply role-playing your character travelling to where the item is and boarding it. As long as your item is in working order you will be able to use it.
If you find your character in need of an equipment item then you will simply need to include your use of the item in your post. If it is an item that modifies your skills or abilities then make sure that you disclose the appropriate modifier when you post your use of it. If the item you are attempting to use requires some skill to use such as a grappling hook or computer the moderator will include in their mod the results of your character's attempt to use the item.
The Star Wars galaxy is a rough one to live in and that means you will more than likely face your fair share of violence. Using weapons is similar to using other items. If you intend to use a weapon against someone or something you will need to write inside brackets the name of your character's weapon and your intended target. You should also mention if you are taking the time to aim or simply firing when using a ranged weapon.
Example: The Duke aims and fires his blaster (DL-44) at the Stormtrooper near the blast doors.
Typically your character will have the ability to fire five shots with a ranged weapon in a turn (unless a sniper, which is only one shot in a turn). If your character takes the time to aim the greater chances that the GM will grant it a hit.
The same rules apply to vehicle and ship based weapons as well.
In the case of melee weapons your character will have the ability to strike out up to three times in a turn. If your characters strikes are describe in detail, where the strike is intended, what is the intension of the strike (i.e. removal of lower leg etc), will receive a + 5XP bonus to everyone of their attack strikes.
The Games Master will determine whether a character hits their target and if successful, determine how much damage a target receives etc. It is then up to the receiving player to incorporate the result into their post.
Weapons damage
Damage: The damage the weapon deals with each hit. Melee weapons strength of the character must be taken into account to damage, or twice the wielder's strength when held with two hands. Double weapons have two damage entries to represent the damage dealt by each end of the weapon.
Stun Damage: If the weapon has a stun setting (SD), it is listed here. A weapon set to stun does stun damage equal to its normal damage.
Rate of Fire: Ranged weapons have either a single-shot setting (SS) or an auto-fire setting (A). A few weapons have both settings.
Damage Type: The type of damage a weapon deals. Some weapons deal more than one type of damage, depending on how the weapon is used: Slashing (S), Piercing (P), Bludgeoning (B), Energy (E), Ion Energy (I).
Role-play galaxy
Roleplay (RP) is at the heart of Phantom Vipers, and you will find a variety of role-plays in which to participate. But your first question is probably WHERE do you find them.
All roleplay activities and for that matter, all in character activities on the site takes place in the Role play centre. The galaxy is based on the SW Combine game, in which any role-play can take place on any of the worlds on SW Combines galactic map.
By clicking on the particular role-play name you will enter the roleplay forum for that particular roleplay which will contain: 1) Game Description, 2) Sign Up, 3) The Role-play, 4) Out of Character.
The Game Description section is self-explanatory as it contains the description of the role-play, plus any rules for that particular roleplay. The majority of the rules are standard across all role-plays but some will be different. For example the moderator may set a limit on which factions or organizations may participate or how many characters one player or all players may use in a particular role-play.

The Sign Up section is exactly what it sounds like. This is where each character that is participating must sign up in order to be included. Follow the instructions within the topic in order to sign your character up.
The Role-play is where all of the role-playing takes place. It is typically started by the Games Master with a Prologue. This Prologue may be posted as a separate topic if the moderator so chooses but in any event the moderator will make the initial post and then give instructions for the players to become involved. Character make their posts according to the Roleplay Rules.
The Out of Character section is for discussion of the roleplay out of character. This is the best place to ask the moderator questions about the roleplay or rules. Its also a good location for players to discuss the roleplay with other players and possibly arrange backstories between their characters leading up to the current roleplay.
Where do I find roleplays? Go to The Chronicles of Phantom Vipers in the Capital City forum.
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