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Post  Appan Parsu on Thu Sep 23, 2010 1:49 pm

Personal Log 7447.140 {{–Y7 D140}}
Since I left the University here on Alderaan, I’ve started this personnel log. Inspired by my great grandfathers own personal journal, so in around about way this is in his honour.
There’s not much to tell really, I was born in 7429.065, a few seasons before the rise of the clone wars. Alderaan was not affected that much by the clone wars, and so neither were we.
I grew up on Ma’ and Pa’s Nerf farm close to Na’Taan city, with brother Boro, he’s gone off to study farming, which I have no interest in. But during my younger years I and Boro would play in the bails of straw, making camps and generally doing what boy’s did on farms. I do recall Boro attempted to run through the glass porch door, which needless to say he did not succeed. But he’d succeeded in breaking his collarbone in the process!
Ma and Pa had several dogs of different types over the years, out of one of the bitches we had a litter of 12 pups! Most of which were sold off, but I was allowed to keep one, Boro had the opportunity but did. I would have been about ten at the time, she was a lovely little terrier, light tan with a dark tan patch like a saddle on her back. Named her Scratch, she’s still around, and follows me everywhere.
At the age of thirteen I got a taste parties, it started with a school disco, then a group of us; Alex, Luci, Jamie, Dav, Pet, Brook, Loatu, Rebec, Jon and dippy Tim. Started going to raves in the city, moved on to night clubbing and so on. But the night clubbing by then we were at college, and Tim, Alex, Luci and Jon went to a different college.

Well, during school, college and Uni’ I played forward in the Shockball team ‘The Rowan Bears’. That was until my accident in 7445,

(OOC: I've yet to edit it into a story, but will do soonTMPersonal Stories Lol )
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