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Speculations of who the Phantom Vipers were range from pirates, buccaneer, bounty hunters or mercenaries. The latter be a more accrete description of them. The Phantom Vipers first, reported incident, was when a capital ship and two CR-20, with two supporting squadron of Eta-2 fighters, attacked a outpost of an Empires related faction! Ground forces deployed, with around a hundred troopers strong, wiping out any survivors! In later examples of their attacks, it seems that they had grown in numbers, now to well organized to be just pirates! Moreover in examining these attacks, their ground forces seemed to be organized into two companies, a regular army with artillery, and another, of specialised troopers with a sort of marine attachment! This and their behaviour indicates them to be more of a mercenary organization, yet there are known to take anything off value, whether it be artillery, vehicles or equipment supplies.
Answering to no one but The Duke! An identity unknown, as are all other personnel of the Phantom Vipers, as they seem to use coded names! It is speculated that the Duke is thought to be a rich aristocrat from Corellia, who fancies himself to be the next Emperor! The Phantom Vipers seem to take on covert operation of their own accord, taking down, it seems, factions out of favour, or that seem to be involved in outlawed activities. Over time, their name was to become feared by such factions, due to the way they operating. Appear as if from nowhere, course immense damage and injury, disappear just as quick as they arrived! Their base is unknown, and the few records that exist of them, are of the destruction and devastation they’ve coursed or just hearsay and speculation. Leaving nothing of themselves, any dead or defunct weaponry are destroyed before they leave, making it impossible to learn anything about them.
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