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Post  The Duke on Fri Aug 27, 2010 4:29 pm

IC: You find yourself walking a corridor which is ornate in design, with two doors at the end. Through one which is open, you can see the front desk, behind it is a blue Twi'lek woman. Her cloths, unlike most of her race cover her entire body but for her face, yet it hugs her female form. She smiles at you as you approach the desk. But before you are able to enter the door a man steps infront of you, he is dressed in a off-cream coloured armoured powersuit and helmet which has a gold visor. Instantly it is apparent that this man is The Duke to you, the man that you either sort to become apart of the Phantom Vipers or sort you.

"So your one of our new recruits?" Boom's The Duke's rich deep voice. "Don't look much, but we'll make you into a soldier no doubt about that. There's only one real question, how do you fight best? Planetside or in space?"

OOC: Please report on Front Desk for duties. With thread title; New Recruit; Your name/handle. If you are a Star Wars Combine (SWC or Comby) member we need to know your starting point is, ie system name, planet name and city name. If you have not signed up on SW Combine, not to worry, but we do earge members to join Comby to enjoy the full benifites of our Rp site.

This group, Pantom Vipers are in the prossess of growning into a None Faction Group, with the hope of becoming a fully fleadged Faction. But as of now we are a Star Wars Rp group, we will not accept canon characters as New Recruit's as to concur with Comby's rules.

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